Kind Kitties: Cat Bite Prevention Tips

kitten biting armIt’s a common scenario: One minute your sweet kitty is snuggled in your lap, purring away as you absentmindedly stroke his or her soft fur, and the next thing you know your little buddy has turned on you and is now ferociously biting the hand that was petting it so gently just seconds before. You shout, leap to your feet, knock over your beverage. Kitty darts off your lap and out of the room, leaving both of you shaken and annoyed.

This strange behavior is certainly perplexing, but by focusing on a variety of cat bite prevention techniques you may be able to mitigate your cat’s aggression, and create a calmer, more peaceful environment that both you and kitty can enjoy. Continue…

Calm, Cool, And Collected: Tips For Getting Your Cat To The Vet

White cat in a cage at vet's office.Taking your cat to the vet is probably low on your list of enjoyable activities. Between the struggle to get kitty into the carrier, the car ride, and the shenanigans that may ensue once you get your cat up on the examination table, getting kitty to the clinic can be quite an ordeal.

Although cats are the most popular pets in the U.S., they visit the veterinarian far less frequently than their canine counterparts. Due in part to the troubles many cat owners face when it’s time to take kitty to the clinic, it’s estimated that a third of pet cats did not visit the veterinarian for any reason last year. Continue…

Dog Bite Prevention: What You Need To Know

LoneTree_iStock_000019302673_LargeEach year, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs, and 1 in 5 of these injuries requires medical attention. These statistics may come as a surprise to dog owners who can’t imagine that their sweet pup would ever bite a human but, the truth is, any dog is capable of biting under the right circumstances.

With National Dog Bite Prevention Week right around the corner (May 22-28), now is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself and others about dog bite prevention. By learning about dog body language, proper training, socialization skills, and other important factors that may lead to being bitten, you can help to ensure an environment that is safe for both people and dogs. Continue…

The Fine Art Of Dog Walking

Spring has arrived on the Front Range, and we couldn’t be more excited at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center! If the fresh breeze and beautiful scenery are calling you to get outside and explore, chances are your dog feels the same. What better way to celebrate the arrival of this delightful season than with an invigorating walk with your best pal?

The Benefits Of Dog Walking

Like us, our pets’ bodies are built to move. Pets and people alike can experience lethargy, depression, and other serious health issues when regular exercise and fresh air are neglected.

The advantages to picking up that leash and heading out the door on a regular basis are many: Continue…

Pet Socialization: Starting Off On The Right Paw

LT_Puppy_iStock_000056717500_Large (1)When we think about what it means to raise a happy, healthy dog or cat, some things immediately come to mind: a nutritious diet, regular wellness care, vaccinations, and daily exercise.

Few pet owners think of socialization as a vital aspect of pet ownership, but the truth is, proper pet socialization is the backbone of your companion animal’s emotional health and physical safety.

What Is Pet Socialization?

Pet socialization is the process by which your pet learns how to be a part of human society. Some of your pet’s socialization will happen naturally as you move through daily life together, but it’s important to make sure that he or she is exposed to a variety of people, places, animals, noises, and smells early on in life. Continue…

Not Just A Cage: The Benefits Of Crate Training For Dogs And Cats

dog in cage shelterMost pets will need to spend time in a crate or travel carrier at some point in their lives, whether it’s while being transported in a vehicle, during a boarding, grooming or a hospitalization stay, or in an emergency situation. Pets that are already familiar with and comfortable in a crate will experience significantly less stress and anxiety during those times when kenneling is required.

Although many people believe kenneling a pet is cruel, when used correctly, a crate can provide a safe haven for a dog or cat. Not only can it offer a quiet spot to rest, kenneling can help with overall training, as well. Continue…

A Well Trained Dog Is A Happy Dog: Obedience Care At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center

LoneTree_iStock_000034854986_LargeWe’ve all been around dogs who haven’t received proper training. Whether we have winced at the sound of an owner scolding a hapless pooch, or have been the victim of a misbehaving dog ourselves (think muddy paw prints on your clean pants thanks to your friend’s overly-exuberant spaniel), the benefits of having a well-behaved dog goes without saying.

At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center we believe that obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. Proper training in an ethical, humane way is a cornerstone for a lifetime of fun and companionship for both you and your dog. Continue…