When You Suffer, We Suffer: The Truth Behind Veterinary Staff Grief

staff griefIt’s safe to say that the vast majority of veterinarians and veterinary support staff chose their line of work because they love animals and find joy and satisfaction in caring for them. Knowing that we are playing a role in helping and guiding our patients and their families through tough times makes the long hours, and sometimes sleepless nights, more than worth it.

But, like most things in life, veterinary medicine isn’t all puppies and kittens. There are the bad days, too, and having to bear witness to the loss of many beloved patients can take its toll on even the most cheerful among us. Veterinary staff grief is a real aspect of our profession, and deserves understanding and acknowledgement, in both our peers and our clients.


When Words Aren’t Enough: How to Help Someone Who is Grieving the Death of a Pet

pet lossFor many people, the loss of a beloved family pet is similar to losing a person. Although the status of companion animals in our society is elevated in comparison to previous generations, there remains a lack of understanding when it comes to the intense sadness that surrounds the death of a pet. Because of these societal influences, many pet owners don’t receive the support they need from family and friends when the time comes to say goodbye to their pets.

It can be difficult to know what to do or say when someone has experienced the death of a pet, but it’s important to remember that this is your opportunity to be there for a loved one in their time of need. We hope our guidelines can be of assistance in navigating this sensitive and important time.


When It’s Time To Say Goodbye: Coping With Pet Loss

Pet Memorial

The death of a beloved pet is arguably the most difficult and heart wrenching aspect of pet ownership. We all know it’s inevitable, but there’s nothing that can prepare us for the deep grief and sense of loss that accompanies saying goodbye to a cherished companion.

Sadly, few pet owners allow themselves the time and space to truly mourn the passing of a special furry friend. At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, we have found that taking the time to honor your pet, in a way that is meaningful to you individually or as a family, can help you to heal in a healthy way. Continue…