William J. Moyle, DVM, DABVP

William J. Moyle

Dr. Moyle earned his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Illinois in 1964, and has been practicing veterinary medicine ever since.   As the owner and founder of Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, he has a life-long commitment to the care of companion animals, and demonstrates it with his wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of small animal medicine.   

Dr. Moyle is board certified in Canine and Feline Clinical Practice with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP), which further exemplifies his medical expertise in both dogs and cats. 

While Dr. Moyle enjoys the challenges and rewards of helping both dogs and cats, he is also experienced in the general care of pocket pets and in the cosmetic care of birds. 

Dr. Moyle holds a special interest and expertise in orthopedic surgery, and is our certified T.P.L.O. (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) orthopedic surgeon.  As the result of his extensive surgical experience and commitment to helping pets stay mobile and active, he has helped hundreds of pets with orthopedic problems resume normal, physically active lives.

Dr. Moyle believes that all pets deserve to have a good life through the benefits of modern veterinary medicine and the comfort of a loving home.  He is a strong advocate for preventive medicine and believes that proper diet and weight management, along with daily dental hygiene and exercise, are all key components of helping pets live long and healthy lives. 

When not caring for pets, Dr. Moyle enjoys spending time with his wife and two Standard Schnauzers, Cole and Willow.  An accomplished athlete, he also participates competitively in several sports, including, handball, trail running, snowshoeing, and cycling.  His most notable accomplishments include a “number two” ranking with the U.S. Handball Association and several first-in-age-group finishes in local mountain trail running and snowshoe marathons.  Among his most favorite Colorado events are the Pikes Peak Ascent and the Pikes Peak Marathon, and the Imogene Pass Run from Ouray to Telluride. 

L. S. Burstein, DVM

L. S. Burstein

Dr. Burstein earned his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Missouri in 1992.    

Although trained in all areas of veterinary medicine, he is also interested in non-traditional pets and exotics, having worked with them in a variety of capacities while practicing at the Knoxville Zoo in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Dr. Burstein has been on our medical team since 2004, and enjoys helping dogs and cats of all sizes, as well as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, and mice.   

He believes that all pets deserve to have good lives through regular preventive care, corrective treatment when needed, and a safe, nurturing environment in which to live.

Dr. Burstein likes to spend his free time with his wife, a demanding cat named Candide, and three adopted shelter dogs named Sapphire, Osa and, newest addition, Rusty, who was an orthopedic patient in our Mercy Care Program.  Also skilled in iron forging, he enjoys spending creative time in his forging studio, making iron tools and implements that are both artistic and functional.

Eli Layman, DVM

Eli Layman

Dr. Eli Layman is a third generation Coloradoan who grew up in the nearby community of Littleton, Colorado.  Since childhood, she has always known that she wanted to become a veterinarian and spent her high school years preparing to become one by working as a Veterinary Receptionist and a Veterinary Technician, with the goal of attending Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences.

After being accepted at Colorado State University, she spent the next nine years pursuing her goal, graduating Cum Laude and on the National Dean’s List with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Zoology in 2002.  In 2003, she graduated at the top of her class with a Master’s degree in Biomedical Sciences.  She then went on to complete her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2007, with an additional certification in Laser Surgery.

Following graduation, Dr. Layman moved to Colorado Springs where she spent the next several years honing her skills in internal medicine and surgery, working with a wide variety of dogs and cats in various stages of health.  During this time, she also broadened her expertise in a variety of exotic pets, including, small mammals, birds and reptiles.  While Dr. Layman enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, she holds special interests and expertise in soft tissue surgery, dentistry, preventive medicine and behavior issues.  She also has a keen understanding of the necessity for nurturing the human-animal bond through open communication and enjoys sharing this knowledge with her patients and their owners. 

When not practicing medicine, Dr. Layman enjoys spending time with her husband and their young son, two brown tabby cats named Orion and Briggs, and a big black Lab-Dane mix named Jackson.  Her favorite activities include biking, hiking, and relaxing next to a snuggly cat with a good book. 

Bryan Voss, DVM

Bryan Voss

Growing up in Michigan, Dr. Voss always dreamed of one day moving to Colorado after frequent ski vacations here with his family.  Once he met the special staff members at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, he knew it was time to finally make the move west and in May of 2015, he joined our medical team.

As a second generation veterinarian, Dr. Voss’s interest in veterinary medicine was sparked early on, spending his younger years under his father’s tutelage at their veterinary practice in the upper Midwest. 

After completing high school, Dr. Voss went on to earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology from Michigan State University.  He continued his quest for several more years, completing his clinical year at Cornell University and graduating with his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Ross University in 2010.

Following graduation, Dr. Voss spent several years working at a busy small animal practice in Central New York, where he gained considerable experience in surgery, internal medicine, and the care of small exotic mammals.  Although he enjoys all facets of small animal medicine, he has particular interests in orthopedic surgery, oncology, and geriatric care.  In addition, he is experienced in the cosmetic care of birds and in the general care of rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, and pet rats.

Dr. Voss favors a compassionate and transparent style in his practice of veterinary medicine and encourages communication with his clients about the care of their beloved family pets.  

When not practicing at our facility, Dr. Voss can usually be found spending time with his wife, his two small children, and a German Shepherd mixed breed dog named Winter.  He also enjoys golfing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and cheering on his favorite collegiate football team, Michigan State.  

Amber Korner, DVM

Amber  Korner

Dr. Korner grew up in California and first knew she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was in the third grade.  She remembers always having dogs as a child and when at the family cabin during the summer months, wanting to examine the wild animals that frequently wandered onto the family property.

Dr. Korner earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California at Davis (UC Davis) in 2012.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in neurobiology, physiology and  behavior at UC Davis in 2007.

During the course of her academic studies, Dr. Korner volunteered at local animal shelters and assisted with veterinary care in any way she was needed.  She also worked at the California Raptor Center where she was actively involved in the care and public presentation of raptors during their rehabilitative process.  In her later academic years, Dr. Korner assisted in several research studies at the UC Davis Veterinary Genetics Laboratory and the Animal Science and Companion Animal Behavior department.

As a DVM, Dr. Korner has worked in a variety of clinical environments, including, small animal general practice, emergency medicine, and veterinary neurology specialty practice.  With her broad areas of expertise, she has managed a wide variety of medical cases across many different species.  Her most extensive work has been in the area of veterinary neurology, where she spent four years as an associate in neurology at a veterinary specialty hospital in Southern California.

Dr. Korner truly enjoys utilizing her unique skills and knowledge in solving the medical problems of the patients she sees. She also believes that clear communication with pet owners is vital in helping them understand the needs of their pets, any course of treatment or tests being recommended, and why these recommendations are important in helping their pets be well and live a healthy life.

When not at our facility, Dr. Korner enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, and their two dogs, Aiden, a boxer-pointer mix and, Charlie, a lab-shepherd mix.  She also loves hiking, backpacking, and bicycling.  Having been a goalie during her college years for the UC Davis Women’s Water Polo team, she especially loves any activity that involves water.

Lisa Boals, DVM

Lisa Boals

Dr. Boals was born and raised in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, where she grew up reading as many books about animals as she could get her hands on.  Of her favorites were the classic stories by James Herriot, a veterinarian who lived in Yorkshire, England back in the 1930's. 

Dr. Boals has many fond memories of herself as a youngster dusting off the old microscope kept by her mother (who had been a medical technologist) to look at medical slides and the tiny creatures that live in a drop of pond water.   She continued pursuing those “creature” interests while utilizing a scholarship to obtain her Bachelor's Degree in Microbiology at Mississippi State University in 2003, which is also where she met her husband.

Dr. Boals went on to study veterinary medicine at Mississippi State, where she earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine in 2008.  Having fallen in love with Colorado while visiting family as a child, a move to Denver after graduation seemed like the ideal location to practice the profession she loved. 

Dr. Boals has worked in small animal general practice for 10 years, and loves the special bond that people in Colorado share with their furry family members.  Her favorite part of being a veterinarian is being able to help lengthen and strengthen the human-animal bond through preventative medicine, proper nutrition, and good dental care.  Whether she is helping puppies and kittens start off on the right "paw" with their families or maintaining that strong bond through geriatric and end of life care, Dr. Boals enjoys making pets’ lives better every step of the way. 

Having always loved books and movies about medical mysteries, Dr. Boals has a strong interest in diagnostic medicine and has participated in several veterinary research studies.  She has also pursued additional training in cardiology, ophthalmology, cytology, dentistry and internal medicine. 

When not at work, Dr. Boals enjoys skiing and fly fishing with her husband, hiking 13’ers, and photographing the natural beauty of Colorado.  She and her husband share their household with a 9 year old Golden Retriever named TJ. 

Lisa Pepmeyer, DVM

Lisa Pepmeyer

Dr. Pepmeyer has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 28 years, and brings substantial knowledge and experience to the fore with every pet she sees.  She has been a part of our veterinarian team since 2012.

Having grown up in Ft. Lupton, Colorado, she remembers always having an intense interest in both animals and the outdoors, and decided to combine these passions into her career as a veterinarian.

Dr. Pepmeyer pursued this quest by earning a Bachelor of Veterinary Science degree at the University of Colorado in 1982, after which she continued on to earn a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University in 1986. Over the course of the next decade, she refined her medical skills as an animal emergency critical care veterinarian. 

Dr. Pepmeyer has continued to expand her expertise in general clinical practice in both small and large animal medicine and surgery over the many years since.

In addition to her medical skills, Dr. Pepmeyer holds a Class II Health Certificate License and is well-versed in the often complex details of transporting pets to other countries around the world.   

Dr. Pepmeyer enjoys all aspects of being a veterinarian, including, interacting with the humans attached to the pets she cares for. 

When not practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Pepmeyer enjoys reading books and journals on a wide range of topics, being in the outdoors, and sharing time with friends who play in local country-rock music bands.  Her most favorite past time, however, is hanging out with her menagerie of pets, including, two Saddlebred horses, Jack and Vinne, six cats - Baxter, Fidget, Shorty, Elway, Ember, and Quiver – and a variety of wild animals that frequently visit her property.

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