Two dogs sitting with a birthday cakeWhen it comes to parties, why should humans have all the fun? Including your four-legged family member in a gathering or party, or even throwing one in honor of your pet, might be just as fun!

At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, we think including Fido or Fluffy in your family’s festivities can be a wonderful way to bond and make memories with your best pal. Check out our tips and ideas for throwing a “pawsitively pawsome” pet-friendly party.

First Things First

Be sure to take your pet’s unique personality into consideration before you spend all weekend handcrafting invitations and baking gourmet, gluten-free pet cupcakes. Pets who are prone to aggression, anxiety, or severe shyness probably aren’t good candidates for a gathering or party that includes them.

Pet-Friendly Party Tips

A pet-friendly party can bring out your pet’s inherent playfulness, provided you set the tone for safe fun ahead of time.

  • Location – Before you invite loads of people and pets to a party, you will need to make sure you have enough space (a fenced yard is ideal). If you are low on room, check out other options in your community, such as a local park (be sure to abide by any leash laws), community center, or doggy daycare.
  • Guest List – A good party begins with the right guest list. If you are inviting children and/or multiple pets, consider which pets get along with each other and with kids. Be sensitive to adults or children who may be fearful of or allergic to animals.
  • Décor – The party decorations can be as simple or elaborate as you like (don’t worry about impressing your pet in this area; he or she likely won’t even notice). Check out Pinterest or other crafting websites for ideas, purchase animal-themed decorations at your local party supply store, or decorate the guests instead with these custom doggy party hats.
  • Activities – Games and activities should be simple and safe. Check out this doggy piñata idea, or try other more traditional pet party games.
  • Yummies – No party is complete without a delicious treat or three! Besides food and goodies for human guests, whip up a batch of pupcakes or pupsicles for the four-legged guests. Don’t forget to provide plenty of bowls of water!

It’s important to keep in mind that everything, including food, drinks, games, and party favors, should be pet-safe. Make sure that anything edible that will be served isn’t a potential pet toxin, and that there are no small items that could be swallowed or pose a choking hazard. Similarly, clean up and dispose of any wrappings, ribbons, and trash items immediately to discourage pets from investigating. Remember, too, if at a public place, to pick up any pet waste before you leave.

We hope your pet-friendly bash is a huge success! Don’t ever hesitate to reach out to the staff at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center with any questions and concerns regarding your pets.