A dog out for a walk with their humanWe’ve all been around dogs who haven’t received proper training. Whether we have winced at the sound of an owner scolding a hapless pooch, or have been the victim of a misbehaving dog ourselves (think muddy paw prints on your clean pants thanks to your friend’s overly-exuberant spaniel), the benefits of having a well-behaved dog goes without saying.

At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center we believe that obedience training is one of the most important aspects of raising a dog. Proper training in an ethical, humane way is a cornerstone for a lifetime of fun and companionship for both you and your dog.

The Benefits Of Properly Training Your Dog

Dogs are pack animals by nature and, as your dog integrates into your family you will, in turn, become his or her pack. Obedience training supports your dog in becoming a happy and well adjusted member of your pack and of human society in general.

The benefits of obedience training are far reaching and include:

  • Bonding – Having a dog that is happy and easy to manage is a deeply enjoyable experience for pet owners. The pleasure and satisfaction that comes from having a responsive, well behaved pet can serve to deepen the bond between dog and owner.
  • Safety – A dog that is easily managed and is under supervision is safer around family and friends, and at a lower risk to him or herself than a dog that isn’t properly trained.
  • Socialization – A well-behaved dog that responds to cues given by his or her owner is more likely to join the family in experiences outside the home. Teaching your dog to be a “good citizen” benefits your neighborhood and community, as a well-socialized dog will be more enjoyable to be around.
  • Fun – Obedience classes are fun for both you and your pup! The exercises offered in each class are engaging and invigorating, and learning the basics of dog behavior is a fascinating and important part of building a great relationship with your dog.

Obedience Program At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center

We understand that one of the keys to harmonious living with dogs is proper behavioral training, which is why Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center is proud to employ a full-time resident obedience instructor.

Our certified obedience trainer has been working professionally with dogs for over 15 years and our Canine Academy program offers a wide variety of training classes and modalities to fit the needs of dogs of all ages and stages of life — from beginning puppy classes to advanced classes, boarding school, play camps, private lessons, and in-home training sessions.

Whether you have recently adopted a puppy or have an older dog in need of a behavioral “tune up”, or anything in between, we encourage you to consider the many positive benefits that come from a quality, professional obedience training course.