Comfort and Joy: How You Can Help Pets in Need

A cat standing in the snow

We all know that the holidays can be a stressful time. Endless shopping, mounting commitments, and scheduling conflicts can all cloud our vision of happy, fun, and meaningful holiday celebrations and traditions.

By reaching out to serve others this year, you can bring the true meaning of this  time of year back into focus for your family. And, since helping those in need is one of the cornerstones of the holiday season, don‘t forget that homeless pets are on this list, too.

Your team at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center has put together a list of ways you and your family can help pets in need this holiday season, as well as all year long. Continue…

Fireworks, Thunder, And Lightning, Oh My! : Helping Your Pet Cope With Noise Related Anxiety This Summer

American Pride - Dog with FlagThere’s nothing like summer in Colorado. Observing the distant flashes of lightning, the rumble of thunder, and the smell of rain in the air as a summer storm rolls in is a true delight. And of course summer wouldn’t be the same without a good fireworks display (or two, or three) come early July.

While we humans may enjoy these noisy aspects of summer, our pets most likely, do not. Thanks to their highly sensitive hearing and their instinct to flee from danger, extremely loud noises such as those created by thunderstorms and fireworks can throw an animal into a panic. Many pet owners struggle with their pets’ noise related anxiety every summer. Continue…

Easter Pet Safety: The Dangers Of Chocolate And Xylitol

Chocolate popsicles made to look like dogsFor many families, Easter is a wonderful, celebratory time spent in the company of family and friends. Easter baskets, egg hunts, and big family get togethers often mark this special Sunday.

While fun for us, all holidays pose a special set of risks to our furry friends. Take a moment to learn about Easter pet safety and what you can do to ensure a safe environment for your pets on this holiday.

Why No Chocolate?

By now, most pet owners are aware that dogs should never be given chocolate. Although this is becoming common knowledge, pet poison hotlines and veterinary clinics around the country report a huge increase in calls regarding dogs ingesting chocolate during the week of Easter. But just why is chocolate bad for dogs? Continue…