Our Philosophy on Training Pets

At the Canine Academy, we make pets’ lives better by giving them the behavioral and social skills training they need to live well and in harmony with their human families.

While we focus primarily on dogs, we also provide behavioral consultations for other small pets such as cats and birds. We believe that giving pets mental stimulation and teaching them behavior skills that are appropriate for home and public places, contribute to their overall well-being. Training enhances the ability of our pets to live with us as companions in our busy human world. We are well versed in many techniques and will work with you to find the method best suited for your pet.

Why Training Matters

Training not only involves helping our pets think, it also creates a stronger bond with us through clear, consistent communication and by building a relationship of trust. Training prepares our pets for life in a world that can be quite confusing by teaching them to respect boundaries, follow rules and avoid hazards.

Our Pet Behavior Specialist Will Bruner with two dogs he is training.

Our Basic Principles

The basis for our program is positive “reward-based” training, because we focus on rewarding pets for the behaviors we want and like, while addressing or interrupting the behaviors that do not meet that goal. A reward can be anything the pet enjoys, such as food, toys or praise and affection. Our training is customized to meet each pet’s individual needs so that your pet will succeed at the desired skills and behaviors. We are also open to using a variety of training modalities and equipment, as long as it isn’t hazardous to the pet or detrimental to the pet’s training.

Our Ongoing Training Commitment

We believe that pets benefit by continued learning and enjoy new learning opportunities throughout their lives. For this reason, we offer a variety of classes and private sessions for dogs of all ages and abilities, and private consultations for cats and birds. These include teaching basic to advanced skills, as well as solving specific behavior problems, such as fearfulness, anxiety, and many problems related to aggression. One-on-one lessons are available to anyone needing or requesting individual attention.

Our training program is here for all of your training needs and we hope to help your pet become a star student and graduate of the Canine Academy. New classes start every week, so call us for information on upcoming classes and start times. We look forward to having you as a part of our expanded family of furry friends and the humans who love them!

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