Having adopted my first office puppy in June of 2011, I have used Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center as my sole pup provider. The convenience is one thing…one stop shopping in one location — whether it is a check—up, food, training, boarding, r play, you only need one place to serve all of your pet needs.

But there is another reason I choose to use the Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center…they are so good to my dog. The vets and vet techs take special care in making sure she is healthy. If Daisy is sick, they treat her as if she were theirs. I feel they are genuinely concerned about my dog, and they take the time and effort to always follow up. I have been very lucky to not have any major medical situations, but I know if something were to come up, she would be in great hands.

The reception team welcomes Daisy every day we enter the doors. Everyone knows her, and they all show excitement in her visits – whether it is day boarding, play camp, or overnight boarding. Daisy knows all members of the team, and she is ridiculously excited whenever we travel to the building. The speed bumps always get her riled up and ready to go.

The Lodge has always been so good to Daisy – they make is easy to leave my adored pup. They spend time with her, they make sure her stay is a good one, and she loves all those that are involved in boarding.

Then there is the training component with play camp. Daisy has been going to Eric since she was three months old. She doesn’t get trained, I do. And Eric is patient, kind, and a darn good trainer. He is available for at home training visits, onsite training, and if there is anything in between, he is always quick to get back after a voicemail.

Lone Tree Vet Center is fantastic, and I recommend them for all your pet needs. They care, and they treat your pet like it was their own. Their cheerful, calm, and thorough customer service is above expectation, and I will continue to use all of their services for many years to come.

With gratitude for all you do for Daisy Mae.

—Laurie P.

When your pet is happy to be there and see everyone, you know LTVMC is a good place. From the moment you walk in the door, you feel welcome. Everyone from the front desk staff to medical, grooming, training, and lodge personnel are friendly, welcome, knowledgeable, and give top notch are. It is truly Taz’s home away from home.

—Debbie B.

The staff is unbelievable and has treated our Argentinian Mastiff, Draco, like their own since the day we brought him in at 9 weeks old. We both work full time and know that when we drop Draco off he is safe, having fun and in the hands of people we trust. One of the many things that really sets them apart is their great training and dog interaction program led by Eric Gillaspy. He is fantastic and has been a great resource and friend with helping us train Draco. We are so lucky to have found this place and only have the absolute best things to say about them!

—Emma Kate & Justin Y.

We bring our boys to Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center because of the quality of care they provide in addition to the caring staff. One of our boys doesn’t care for the vet’s office at all, but the front desk staff are sure to take care of our special needs when making our appts, while Dr. Burstein and Dog Trainer, Eric Gillaspy work together each time we visit to make the experience a positive one for our big guy while also taking it slow so he’s not overwhelmed. We’ve seen an improvement in his response when going in and couldn’t be more pleased with the results thus far!

—Heather, Jeff, Oskar, and Enzo

We truly are big fans of LTVM! Recently, we tragically and suddenly lost both of our dogs, 6 days apart. One from congestive heart failure and the other from an inexplicable post—surgical respiratory complication. We were devastated, shocked, and totally helpless with grief. The staff at LVMC were wonderfully sympathetic, extremely helpful and even sent us flowers for our loss! We were blown away by that genuine gesture of care. A short time later we welcomed 2 new pups to our family and wouldn’t consider taking them anywhere else, but LTVM!! You guys genuinely care, and that is SO rare these days.

—Jen and Bruce R.

I absolutely love the Lone Tree Veterinary Clinic. I have been going to Lone Tree for the past twelve years when I bring my dog Addie in she is always greeted by the amazing and friendly front desk staff. The facility is always clean and I like that I can buy supplies right there at the facility. After my dog’s appointment I get a follow up phone call asking how my pet is doing and if I have ay questions. I like that when I get called and visit the staff refers to my dog as a part of my family. The front desk staff is my favorite part of Lone Tree Veterinary Clinic.

—Tiffany H.

I cannot express the love I have for Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center. My beagle Seamus was here for 12 years and was always loved, treated with absolute care and I have NEVER questioned any treatment of Seamus. I will shout if from the rooftop that no one should EVER take their pet anywhere for boarding, grooming and vet care, but Lone Tree! Fan for life!

—Suzanne N.

When we first moved to Lone Tree in 1999, we brought our dog to Lone Tree Veterinary Center because it was convenient. We continued to bring him because of the fabulous care he received. And also for the care received as his family. The doctors and staff were there for us when we had to put him down. They were very supportive and kind. So, a few years later when we bought a new puppy, we knew where he would be getting his care! We love the doctors, staff, grooming, lodge and training classes. We couldn’t be happier!

—Kathy M.

My wife and I have been doing business with Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center or almost 20 years with five dogs. The care has been without question exceptional, very personal, and caring. The care starts at the desk with Judy, with Laura, with Morgan, and other staff who I’m sorry I can’t recall all of their names, but the front desk personnel are simply outstanding. From simple things like getting a product off—the—shelf or a special dog foot to a toy or a script filled to an explanation for obedience training classes from Eric, their trainer. Or to talking to a vet tech about a skin condition on one of my dogs they have always been there to help without hesitation. I have known Bill Moyle DVM for most of the 2 years that we’ve been customers. He performed two ACL (TPLO) procedures on one of my Goldies several years ago and I got to know Bill not only as a vet but as a human being. He takes the time to explain and re—explain if necessary so his patients know what they are getting into. As a vet he is exceptional and if there’s an issue that he can’t to deal with specifically he knows people to ask and consult and get a proper resolution to an issue. Case in point we had just gotten a Golden Retriever puppy but it was determined he had heart palpitations and Bill felt that we needed a cardiac specialist which was brought in and it was determined the cardio issue was temporary and it did go away in time naturally.

Jill in grooming is a true asset. When I tell the dogs they are going to see Jill, they are crazy until they get to there and they accept Jill as part of the family.

LTVMC is tops in our book. Well managed, well trained, and great people in all departments. Great job and thank you!

—Bill S.

My first experience working with Eric was when I took the Companion Dog Essentials class with my wild and out of control miniature schnauzer. I was impressed by the way Eric was able to teach me how to teach my dog. He explains how to teach each desired behavior in a simple step by step manner. He took time to answer questions, work with me individually and address concerns about undesired behavior in my dog. I had a wonderful experience!

Naturally, Eric was the first person I called when my older Lab mix started acting aggressive toward other dogs on our routine walks around the neighborhood. At 11 ½, I wasn’t even sure if she was trainable, but Eric said, “of course she is” and he was right! After a detailed consultation and one private training session at my house, my dog was changed! I continued to practice what he taught me (which was quite simple), we did two more private sessions and I now have a different dog. I will be able to take what he has taught me and use it on my dogs in the future. I am forever grateful.


Already an owner of two older Yellow Labs, I adopted Porter from Safe Harbor Lab Rescue in May 2014. Not only was he a young Lab at 2 years old, he is also a Chocolate Lab, and American Lab, and too smart for his own good, all of which have created 90lbs of incredibly boisterous dog! He is VERY different from my Yellow Labs!

I enrolled Porter in the Canine Academy Companion Dog Essential course when I first adopted him. Wile he new many commands from his previous owners, it helped me bond with Porter, and to teach both of us how to interact with each other. Eric di d a great job in the course of spending the right amount of time with each dog and owner, and identifying particular traits that needed more work in each individual case.

Over the past year, I have gone back to Eric for Private Lessons when I’ve hit a plateau or needed advice on how best to work with Porter. He’s a great dog, but like many rescue dogs (and dogs with strong prey drives) he does have his own particular challenges. I can’t say enough about how amazing Eric has been. I have several friends who recommended Eric originally, and I would not hesitate to do the same. If you do have a “challenging” dog, or are a new dog owner that needs support and direction, please give Eric a call. Both porter and I are very happy we did!

—Jill A.

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