Our veterinarians have designed a canine swimming program to help dogs experience the benefits of water exercise in a safe, controlled environment.

Built to accommodate dogs of all sizes, the heated pool at our animal hospital has an adjustable current, allowing us to customize the intensity of the swim according to each dog's needs. Dogs can swim in a calm pool with no water current or with various degrees of water current, depending on the desired intensity of the exercise.

Dogs swim in the safety and comfort of a fitted flotation vest with the assistance of our trained staff. All swims are private one-on-one sessions and are usually 10 to 15 minutes long, depending on the your dog's needs and comfort level.

Dog being trained

Benefits of Swimming

  • Provides non-weight-bearing exercise for dogs with physical limitations that prevent them from walking or running, including weakness of the limbs due to surgery or injury, arthritis, and other joint-related problems.
  • Improves range of motion, muscular strength, and cardio-respiratory endurance.
  • Helps promote weight loss for dogs that are unable to take outdoor walks for the length of time needed to provide adequate weight-loss benefits.
  • Helps condition the fearful dog to be comfortable in water and to swim with confidence.
  • Provides a fun activity for the dog that loves being in the water and enjoys swimming.

Therapeutic Swim

Assisted by our certified veterinary nurses and veterinary assistants, this type of swim is primarily for therapeutic purposes. It is geared for special needs dogs and structured to provide exercise and mobility improvement.

We also recommend it as a fun activity for dogs staying in our boarding lodge. If you would like to schedule your dog for a swim or have questions about our swim program, please call us at (303) 708-8050.

Requirements for Participation

  • Dogs must be current on all required vaccinations at least seven days prior to the scheduled swim.
  • Swims are by reservation only.
  • Dogs must be clean and have been walked prior to entering the pool.
  • Aggressive dogs will not be allowed to participate.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any dog.
  • American Animal Hospital Association Accredited
  • LoneTree Veterinary Medical Center BBB Business Review
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