If your dog or cat is suffering from an internal ailment, the professionals at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center can help. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience regarding veterinary internal medicine, and our chief veterinarian is board certified with the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners in canine and feline clinical practice. All of our specialized knowledge, advanced diagnostic capabilities, and high-quality treatment and management solutions combine to create an unstoppable resource for your pet’s medical needs.

Using our advanced resources on endocrinology, gastroenterology, cardiology, oncology, neurology, respiratory disease, other infectious diseases and more, we can help address your pet’s problems efficiently and effectively. When necessary, we will refer you to other board certified specialists who have additional expertise in these areas. We want nothing but the best for your beloved pet.

Owner with his dogs, waiting for their checkup

Your Experts in Endocrinology

The endocrine system produces the hormones that control certain functions in your cat or dog’s body. These functions include the management of your pet’s body temperature, appetite, metabolism, development, and reproduction utilities. As you can tell, the endocrine system is pretty important to your pet’s overall health, which is why we take special care monitoring it.

Among the most common disorders related to the endocrine system are thyroid and adrenal disease. These illnesses are much more common in older pets. Symptoms vary, but may include weight gain or loss, hair loss, excessive eating, or a rapid heartbeat.

Our facilities hold some of the best veterinary endocrinology technology available. We can perform a variety of diagnostic testing for your dog or cat in order to identify issues early on. Blood tests will also allow us to check your pet’s hormone levels and organ function.

Endocrine disorders and other internal diseases can be very serious, so it’s always better for diagnosis to happen sooner rather than later. Regular preventive care exams will allow our veterinary staff to identify problems early on and take the necessary measures to keep your pet healthy. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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