The Keys to Successful Airline Travel with Pets

Small dog on an airplane

Traveling with a pet can be fun, but it also presents some significant challenges. Since we know airline travel is extremely stressful for pets, there are things you can do to make the big day go more smoothly and safely for them.

Airline travel with pets can be a lot of work. But with planning, preparation and a little help from your Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center team, you and your pet will be jet-setting off into the sunset in good style.


On The Road Again: Traveling With A Pet

Dog sitting in his transporterSpring and summer is travel season for many families. Whether you plan on heading to the mountains, the beach, or just a quick trip to visit the Midwestern in-laws, travel brings with it the opportunity for adventure and the chance to break from the routine of daily life.

For some pet owners, leaving a beloved pet behind when traveling is simply not an option. Because traveling with a pet brings with it a certain set of challenges, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible. Continue…