Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Dealing with Possessive Aggression in Pets

If your usually sweet Pomeranian turns into a snarling beast when anyone approaches her food, or your new Labrador puppy becomes aggressively protective of his favorite chew toys, you may have a case of possessive aggression on your hands.

Possessive aggression in pets stems from a natural fear response to the real or perceived threat of a resource being taken away. Pets can become possessive over their food, toys, favorite sleeping spot, and even certain family members. Although guarding behaviors are normal for many pets, and can be useful for animals in the wild, it is unacceptable when aimed at people or other pets in the household.


Face Value: Finding Credible Pet Health Information

Understanding the various aspects of pet health and wellness is an important part of pet ownership, but finding answers to our questions isn’t always easy. There are so many sources of information available to us today, along with many conflicting viewpoints, that figuring out where to find credible pet health information can be a challenge.

The Perils of Dr. Google

With the digital age firmly in place, it’s natural to turn to the internet when we have a question or suspect a problem. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to discern whether or not the information we find is accurate. Some of the common problems that can result from consulting “Dr. Google” instead of your trusted family veterinarian include:


Happy Paws: Your Guide to Pet Safe Lawn Edging

Spring is just around the corner and it’s the time when our thoughts naturally turn to outdoor activities. Looking forward to hiking, biking, gardening, and being out in our yards with family and friends, are some of the best things about the coming warmer days.

As you’re planning your yard projects this spring and summer, your friends at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center would like remind you of the often ignored, yet, extremely important topic of metal lawn edging and the risks it poses to pets. Let’s discuss pet safe lawn edging that will help keep your pet safer and still dazzle your landscaping niche.


Canned vs. Dry: The Pet Food Debate

Feeding your pet seems like it should be a relatively simple task; simply buy some food and pour it in your pet’s bowl, right? Of course, most pet owners realize that selecting and feeding our pets is more complicated than that, and many of us struggle with the conflicting information surrounding pet food.

One of the biggest questions when it comes to feeding our pets is whether to choose canned or dry food.  At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, we understand that your pet’s health and wellness begins with a high quality diet, and we want to help you make informed choices in selecting the right pet food for your furry friend.