Do You Hear What I Hear? Rattlesnake Safety For Pets

Rattle snake poisedRattlesnakes are a fact of life around these parts. Most of us are aware of the dangers these reptiles pose to us as we hike and camp, or even while we putter around in our own backyards. Rattlesnakes and pets are a particularly disastrous combination, thanks to our pets’ curious nature and unpredictability.

Do you know what to do if you and your pet happen across a rattlesnake? Learning about rattlesnake safety for pets is key to protecting your furry loved one.

Rattlesnakes And Pets

A rattlesnake bite poses a serious risk to your pet. Once the venom is injected, it begins to act immediately. The blood vessels near the region of the bite are compromised, and an immune response causes severe swelling and pain. Because the venom also affects the blood’s ability to clot, large amounts of blood may be lost. The effects of the venom will lead to shock, and eventually death, if left untreated. Continue…

The Allergic Dilemma: Best Pets For Pet Allergy Sufferers

A pet allergy is no fun at any age.

An estimated 15% of people have a pet allergy, with cats being the most common perpetrators, followed closely by dogs. Fortunately, having a pet allergy doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have a pet!

With a little bit of research and planning, many allergic pet owners have successfully intertwined their lives with a four-legged friend.

Understanding Your Pet Allergy

Dander, tiny flecks of skin shed by dogs, cats, rodents, and birds, is the most common pet allergy trigger. Other pet-related particles, including saliva, urine, and feces, can release particles into the air when dried, which can be inhaled and trigger allergic symptoms. Continue…

Don’t Forget The Little Guys: Pocket Pet Wellness Care

rabbit in basket outdoorIt’s been said that good things come in small packages, and pocket pet owners couldn’t agree more.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs, gerbils, ferrets, lizards, and other small animals have been steadily increasing in popularity as pets for children and families. Because they are smaller and seem easier to care for than traditional family pets such as dogs and cats, many pet owners don’t realize that their pocket pet needs routine veterinary care, too.

Why Pocket Pet Wellness Care Is Important

The truth is, small and exotic pets derive all of the same benefits from regular checkups as their canine and feline counterparts. Along with making sure they’re in good health, check-ups for pocket pet wellness is an opportunity to take care of cosmetic maintenance issues that are not possible to do at home. Continue…