Is My Cat Normal? —The Truth About Hairballs

Woman combing a cat.Hairballs are an unfortunate part of life for most cat owners. That low, hacking sound you can hear from anywhere in the house is the telltale sign that kitty is about to deposit hairballs in the least convenient place possible.

While it’s easy to assume that coughing or vomiting in cats is caused by a hairball, this isn’t always the case. Frequent coughing or vomiting in cats is not normal, and may indicate an underlying health problem.

Hairballs 101

Hairballs are the result of undigested hair left over from our cats’ fastidious grooming habits. Hairballs (also known by their scientific name “trichobezoars”) are not actually ball shaped; rather they are cylindrical, taking the shape of the cat’s esophagus as they are regurgitated. No cat is immune to hairballs, but longhaired varieties are certainly more prone. Continue…

Kind Kitties: Cat Bite Prevention Tips

kitten biting armIt’s a common scenario: One minute your sweet kitty is snuggled in your lap, purring away as you absentmindedly stroke his or her soft fur, and the next thing you know your little buddy has turned on you and is now ferociously biting the hand that was petting it so gently just seconds before. You shout, leap to your feet, knock over your beverage. Kitty darts off your lap and out of the room, leaving both of you shaken and annoyed.

This strange behavior is certainly perplexing, but by focusing on a variety of cat bite prevention techniques you may be able to mitigate your cat’s aggression, and create a calmer, more peaceful environment that both you and kitty can enjoy. Continue…

Fireworks, Thunder, And Lightning, Oh My! : Helping Your Pet Cope With Noise Related Anxiety This Summer

American Pride - Dog with FlagThere’s nothing like summer in Colorado. Observing the distant flashes of lightning, the rumble of thunder, and the smell of rain in the air as a summer storm rolls in is a true delight. And of course summer wouldn’t be the same without a good fireworks display (or two, or three) come early July.

While we humans may enjoy these noisy aspects of summer, our pets most likely, do not. Thanks to their highly sensitive hearing and their instinct to flee from danger, extremely loud noises such as those created by thunderstorms and fireworks can throw an animal into a panic. Many pet owners struggle with their pets’ noise related anxiety every summer. Continue…

Heart To Heart: The Importance Of Heartworm Prevention

Black and white silhouette of mosquitoResponsible pet owners have a lot to think about when it comes to raising a happy, healthy, well-adjusted pet. Proper diet, high quality wellness care, exercise, mental stimulation, obedience training, and of course the all-important snuggle time, are among the many facets of modern pet care. It’s understandable that monthly parasite prevention may be overlooked from time to time, but this can have devastating effects on our four-legged friends.

The screening and prevention of parasites, specifically heartworm, is a crucial component of your pet care arsenal and this is why we recommend year-round heartworm prevention. Continue…