Calm, Cool, And Collected: Tips For Getting Your Cat To The Vet

White cat in a cage at vet's office.Taking your cat to the vet is probably low on your list of enjoyable activities. Between the struggle to get kitty into the carrier, the car ride, and the shenanigans that may ensue once you get your cat up on the examination table, getting kitty to the clinic can be quite an ordeal.

Although cats are the most popular pets in the U.S., they visit the veterinarian far less frequently than their canine counterparts. Due in part to the troubles many cat owners face when it’s time to take kitty to the clinic, it’s estimated that a third of pet cats did not visit the veterinarian for any reason last year. Continue…

Pet Microchipping: Using Technology To Bring Your Pet Home

iStock_000082874653_LargeBecoming separated from a beloved pet is a scary thought for responsible pet owners everywhere. Most of us do whatever we can to prevent our pets from becoming lost; leashed walks, fenced-in yards, keeping pets indoors, the list goes on. But despite our best efforts, accidents can and do happen, and even the best behaved pet can wind up missing.

Having your pet microchopped may be the best way to increase the odds of being reunited with your pet, should he or she become lost. Continue…

Dog Bite Prevention: What You Need To Know

LoneTree_iStock_000019302673_LargeEach year, over 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs, and 1 in 5 of these injuries requires medical attention. These statistics may come as a surprise to dog owners who can’t imagine that their sweet pup would ever bite a human but, the truth is, any dog is capable of biting under the right circumstances.

With National Dog Bite Prevention Week right around the corner (May 22-28), now is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself and others about dog bite prevention. By learning about dog body language, proper training, socialization skills, and other important factors that may lead to being bitten, you can help to ensure an environment that is safe for both people and dogs. Continue…

When It’s Time To Say Goodbye: Coping With Pet Loss

Pet Memorial

The death of a beloved pet is arguably the most difficult and heart wrenching aspect of pet ownership. We all know it’s inevitable, but there’s nothing that can prepare us for the deep grief and sense of loss that accompanies saying goodbye to a cherished companion.

Sadly, few pet owners allow themselves the time and space to truly mourn the passing of a special furry friend. At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, we have found that taking the time to honor your pet, in a way that is meaningful to you individually or as a family, can help you to heal in a healthy way. Continue…

Cancer In Pets: Fighting A Formidable Foe

Shot of a vet cradling a bulldog puppy over an examination table

A diagnosis of cancer in a beloved cat or dog can be absolutely devastating. Unfortunately, with pets living longer than ever, cancer in pets becoming increasingly common, especially among seniors. Cancer remains one of the most common causes of death in adult and senior dogs and cats.

As of yet, there is no cure for cancer in pets, but with early detection and a commitment to preventive care, we can give our pets the best chance at a long and happy life.

Signs Of Cancer In Pets

Understanding the early signs of cancer in pets is vitally important to catching and treating the illness before it becomes more difficult and costly to treat. Give us call if you notice any of the following symptoms in your pet: Continue…