Spud’s Story: Inspiration Leads to Mercy Care


Spud is the sweetest, Pomeranian-mix that you would ever hope to meet; and his story is one of perseverance and inspiration.

Spud began his life at a Midwestern puppy mill, where he was one of hundreds of puppies born for the mass sale of popular breeds. Kept in the confines of a small cage and never released to run, stretch or grow properly during the first few years of his life, Spud’s hind legs were left deformed and weakened.  

Walking for Spud would involve dragging his hind limbs behind him, crawling cumbersomely.  Amazingly, to overcome this, Spud had taught himself to walk on his two front legs, in a full handstand, while holding his rear legs up in the air.

In the spring of 2012, the Colorado Puppy Mill Rescue stepped in to help find Spud a second chance. That second chance came in the form of Dr. William Moyle at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, and with Dr. Moyle came his medical staff, all very willing to help. Dr. Moyle’s extensive experience with orthopedic surgeries on dogs and cats made this a perfect opportunity for him to give back to a rescue that did so much to help animals just like Spud. Continue…

The Fine Art Of Dog Walking

Spring has arrived on the Front Range, and we couldn’t be more excited at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center! If the fresh breeze and beautiful scenery are calling you to get outside and explore, chances are your dog feels the same. What better way to celebrate the arrival of this delightful season than with an invigorating walk with your best pal?

The Benefits Of Dog Walking

Like us, our pets’ bodies are built to move. Pets and people alike can experience lethargy, depression, and other serious health issues when regular exercise and fresh air are neglected.

The advantages to picking up that leash and heading out the door on a regular basis are many: Continue…

On The Road Again: Traveling With A Pet

Dog sitting in his transporterSpring and summer is travel season for many families. Whether you plan on heading to the mountains, the beach, or just a quick trip to visit the Midwestern in-laws, travel brings with it the opportunity for adventure and the chance to break from the routine of daily life.

For some pet owners, leaving a beloved pet behind when traveling is simply not an option. Because traveling with a pet brings with it a certain set of challenges, it’s a good idea to be as prepared as possible. Continue…

Wonder Walkers: Truly A Walk In The Park


We’ve all been there; it’s a beautiful spring day, the snow has finally melted, the flowers are in bloom, and you can’t wait to get out and walk your dog.

Unfortunately, trouble begins almost the minute you attach your pup’s leash to her collar. Your normally calm, well-mannered pooch is as excited to get outdoors as you are, and she immediately lurches away from you, nearly dislocating your shoulder in an attempt to investigate a particularly enticing aroma, only to be pulled back by you again and again.

Variations of the above scenario are a normal part of life for many dog owners, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Your team at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center is excited to share with you a product that helps make dog walking easy, safe, and fun for both you and your best pal: The Wonder Walker. Continue…

The Choice Is Clear: The Advantages Of Laparoscopic Spaying

Striped with white a cat. Striped not purebred kitten. Small predator. Small cat.

Each year in the United States, 83% of pet dogs and 91% of pet cats are spayed or neutered. Having your pet “fixed” has many advantages; besides reducing pet overpopulation, spaying and neutering can reduce the risk of certain cancers and ameliorate behavioral problems in many cases.

While both spaying and neutering are surgical procedures, neutering is relatively simple and straightforward. A traditional spay, however, where the entire reproductive system is removed from the body through an incision in the abdomen, is considered major abdominal surgery.

Traditional spay surgery remained relatively unchanged for decades, until now. Laparoscopic surgery has changed everything in the world of veterinary medicine, and we are thrilled to share this exciting information with our readers and clients. Continue…

Getting A Handle On Spring Allergies In Pets

Godspeed_iStock_000009666900_MediumIt’s that time of year again. The Chinook winds are blowing and bringing with them the warm air of spring. While this warm air provides welcome relief from our bone-chilling winters, the green leaves, flowers, and grasses it brings with its warmth spell creates misery for spring allergy sufferers.

Spring allergies aren’t limited to just humans, however. Many pets experience this yearly problem, thanks to Colorado’s high elevation and dry climate. By paying attention to your pet’s symptoms and taking action quickly, it’s possible to get a handle on spring allergies in pets. Continue…

The Amazing Canine: A Spotlight On Professional Dogs

Pet Therapy Dog Visiting Female Patient In Hospital
The word “dog” conjures up a certain set of imagery for most of us: the friendly face and wagging tail that greet us at the door after a long day’s work; the childhood pet that romped with us in the yard; the furry friend who snuggles with us on the couch or in our beds each night.

The dog of yesteryear, however, was none of the above, or not exclusively, at least. There was a time in the not-too-distant past that it would have been unthinkable to allow Fido to jump up on the bed, much less come into the house at all. The evolution of humans and dogs are intertwined, and this interconnectedness is based on thousands of years of working together, side by side.

Although many modern dogs live in relative luxury, there are still plenty of “professional dogs” performing an incredibly diverse variety of tasks. At Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center we think these dogs are the cat’s meow (ok, maybe not the best choice of words…). Join us as we delve into the fascinating world of professional dogs! Continue…