Foxtails And Pets: A Dangerous Combination

Beagle portrait in autumn forestSpring is right around the corner, and while this is mostly a good thing for our pets (more time outside!) the good weather brings with it one of the biggest concerns faced by our Front Range pets: Foxtails.

This pesky weed is more than just a nuisance in our fields and foothills. The spiky seeds of foxtail grasses can cause serious problems for our pets if they become trapped in the fur or are inhaled. So before we head into the great outdoors with our four-legged friends this spring and summer, let’s go over the basics of foxtail dangers and how to keep our pets safe. Continue…

Flying The Furry Skies: Preparing For A Pet Health Certificate

Billings_OVRS_iStock_000064223829_LargeTraveling with your pet adds a special dimension to seeing new places and takes the worry out of how your best friend will fare while you are away. Unfortunately, traveling abroad with your pet isn’t as easy as crossing our state lines.

Many countries, and even airlines, have strict requirements when it comes to traveling with pets. Thankfully, your team at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center is here to help you fulfill these requirements as efficiently and thoroughly as possible. Continue…

Easter Pet Safety: The Dangers Of Chocolate And Xylitol


LoneTree_Chocolate_iStock_000018839411_LargeFor many families, Easter is a wonderful, celebratory time spent in the company of family and friends. Easter baskets, egg hunts, and big family get togethers often mark this special Sunday.

While fun for us, all holidays pose a special set of risks to our furry friends. Take a moment to learn about Easter pet safety and what you can do to ensure a safe environment for your pets on this holiday.

Why No Chocolate?

By now, most pet owners are aware that dogs should never be given chocolate. Although this is becoming common knowledge, pet poison hotlines and veterinary clinics around the country report a huge increase in calls regarding dogs ingesting chocolate during the week of Easter. But just why is chocolate bad for dogs? Continue…

The World’s Cutest Holiday: Celebrating National Puppy Day

LoneTree_iStock_000021470999_LargeHere at Lone Tree Veterinary Medical Center, we are gearing up for one of our favorite holidays! No, it’s not National Corn Dog Day on March 19th (although that one sounds pretty good to us too). We’re talking about National Puppy Day, March 23rd.

Animal behaviorist and author Colleen Paige founded national Puppy Day in 2006, as a way to encourage shelter puppy adoption, while also educating the public about abusive dog breeding practices. A lifelong animal lover, Paige also founded National Dog Day and National Cat Day. Continue…

The More You Know: Preventing Accidental Pet Poisoning

Wheaton_iStock_000001700707_LargeWe do everything we can to protect our pets from the dangers of the world; we walk them on leashes, have them microchipped, shelter them from the elements, feed them nutritious diets, and bring them in for regular wellness exams. In our efforts to keep our pets safe, many of us overlook the potential for accidental pet poisoning in and around our homes.

March 20th marks the beginning of National Poison Prevention Week. While this event is intended to educate the public about the dangers of accidental poisonings in children, we’d like to take the opportunity to extend this awareness to include our pets. Continue…

Pet Socialization: Starting Off On The Right Paw

LT_Puppy_iStock_000056717500_Large (1)When we think about what it means to raise a happy, healthy dog or cat, some things immediately come to mind: a nutritious diet, regular wellness care, vaccinations, and daily exercise.

Few pet owners think of socialization as a vital aspect of pet ownership, but the truth is, proper pet socialization is the backbone of your companion animal’s emotional health and physical safety.

What Is Pet Socialization?

Pet socialization is the process by which your pet learns how to be a part of human society. Some of your pet’s socialization will happen naturally as you move through daily life together, but it’s important to make sure that he or she is exposed to a variety of people, places, animals, noises, and smells early on in life. Continue…

A Spotlight On Feline Illness: How To Tell If Your Cat Is Sick

Sad catMost cat owners are aware of their cat’s love of hiding…boxes, paper bags, cupboards, under the bed; it seems that no place is off limits to a curious feline. For their survival in the wild, cats have also evolved to hide signs of illness and injury from other animals. Unfortunately for modern cats, those “other animals” are often their human companions.

Because cats are so stoic when it comes to illness, and often don’t display obvious signs that something is wrong until the condition has become advanced, it’s up to us cat owners to do the detective work necessary in order to figure out if our cat is sick. Continue…